Certificate of French nationality

Do you need to prove your French nationality? Cabinet d’avocat MALEKIAN can assist you in preparing your application for a Certificate of French nationality or in contesting the rejection of your certificate application before the relevant judicial court.

Acquisition of French nationality by naturalization

Have you been in France for at least five years and wish to obtain French citizenship? The MALEKIAN Law Firm supports you in preparing your application for French nationality or in challenging the rejection of your application before the competent administrative court.


Prospection refers to all actions aimed at identifying and contacting potential new customers or prospects and seeking to convert them into actual customers. Prospection is a term commonly used in business and marketing that refers to the process of identifying and contacting potential new customers or prospects with the goal of converting them into actual […]


Profiling It is a structured overview of information about a person found on the Internet, allowing for the creation of a more or less detailed profile of that person.

Indexing Robots

An indexing robot is a software robot used by search engines to crawl the web and websites in order to archive web pages within their ranking indexes

Reversible anonymization

This is a process by which personal data lose their identifying nature without becoming anonymous.

virtual private network (VPN)

A virtual private network (VPN) is a system that allows for a direct link between remote computers, acting as an intermediary by placing itself between two hosts to facilitate or monitor their exchanges.

Privacy by design

Privacy by design respect for the protection of personal data from the outset and in the design phase. This is a principle of Canadian origin, proposed and developed by Ann Cavoukian, former Commissioner of Information and Privacy for Ontario in the 1990s.

Web 1.0

The first stage of the Web that linked static pages together through hypertext links. This is the global system of documents linked together by networked terminals

Web 2.0

The second generation in the development of the Web, designed as a set of technologies that enable exchange among Internet users