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Hajar Malekian

Attorney at Law | Paris Bar Association


Attorney at Law

Areas of activity of the MALEKIAN Law Firm

Dr. Hajar Malekian practices in the areas of immigration law, digital law, and commercial law, providing her clients with legal advice and representation.

Her personalized approach ensures that clients receive high-quality legal representation before the courts and valuable advice from a skilled lawyer.

Dr. Hajar Malekian guarantees legal expertise, rigor, and confidentiality in the handling of each client’s case, putting her skills at their service.

Immigration law

visa applications, obtaining or renewing residence permits, French nationality applications, asylum claims, and assistance with administrative or judicial procedures related to immigration

Digital law

Protection of personal data, protection of domain names, E-commerce, external DPO (Data Protection Officer), administrative or judicial procedures, etc.

Commercial law

Creation and development of businesses, industrial property, commercial contracts, general terms and conditions of sale, administrative or judicial procedures, etc.

Dr. Hajar MALEKIAN Attorney at Law (Immigration law, Digital law, Commercial law)

As per the terms of her oath to the Paris Court of Appeal, Dr. Malekian is obligated to perform her duties with “dignity, conscience, independence, probity, and humanity”. In the course of her practice, she adheres to the principles of “honor, loyalty, disinterestedness, confraternity, delicacy, moderation, and courtesy”

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What to Know About Maître Hajar MALEKIAN

Dr. Hajar MALEKIAN offers her expertise to her clients in the fields of new technologies law, information and communication technology law, industrial property law, commercial law, corporate law, and immigration law.

In accordance with the terms of my oath to the Paris Court of Appeal, I am committed to carrying out my duties with “dignity, conscience, independence, probity and humanity”. I also respect, in this exercise, the principles of “honor, loyalty, disinterestedness, confraternity, delicacy, moderation and courtesy”.

Beyond respecting the ethics of the legal profession, I hold the following values: Integrity, Authenticity, Fulfillment, Transparency, Accountability, Self Actualization. 

Computing and artificial intelligence are at the service of Human beings! LegalTech serves legal professions, justice, litigants, and the general public! LegalTech enhances the added value of legal professionals!

Articles of the MAKEKIAN Law Firm

Appeal against the challenge of the marriage certificate in France

Are you facing a challenge to your marriage certificate in France? Don’t worry, there are remedies available to protect your rights as a foreigner. In this article, we explore the importance of specialized legal assistance, gathering strong evidence, and preparing for legal proceedings. Discover the possible avenues of recourse in case of an unfavorable decision and ensure the validation of your marriage. Learn how to navigate the complex process and secure your rights with essential tips from our dedicated immigration law firm.

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The compatibility between Big Data and personal data

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malekian law firm : immigration law, digital law, commercial law.

The legal framework for decision-making by algorithms regarding human beings

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Pseudonymisation under the GDPR: A win-win approach?

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malekian law firm : immigration law, digital law, commercial law.

Awareness: Ethical and Legal Solutions

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Artificial-knowledge-and -the-right-to -protection-of -personal

Artificial knowledge and the right to protection of personal data

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Profiling under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): stricter Regime?

malekian law firm : immigration law, digital law, commercial law.

EU Advocate General considers "dynamic IP addresses" as "personal data": an extension of the scope of personal data?

malekian law firm : immigration law, digital law, commercial law.

Statutory obligations of the data controller under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


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