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Immigration law

Maître MALEKIAN puts her skills in foreigners' law at the service of her clients. She implements the most effective procedures to defend the interests of her clients.


The MALEKIAN Law Firm is available to assist you:

Visa and residence permit

French nationality

Asylum in France

Administrative or judicial proceedings

Our expertise in Immigration law

The law firm MALEKIAN advises you and accompanies you in your steps concerning the visa of entry, the stay, the removal, the asylum and the French nationality. Within the framework of a legal consultation by telephone or at the office, Maître MALEKIAN answers all your questions.

Maître MALEKIAN also assists you with your administrative procedures or to defend your interests before the administrative authorities or the competent administrative courts.

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Do you need legal or judicial advice or support?

MALEKIAN Law Firm advises and assists you in the preparation of your application for a visa to enter France or for the issuance or renewal of your residence permit in France:

MALEKIAN Law Firm advises you or accompanies you in obtaining your French nationality:

MALEKIAN Law Firm advises and accompanies you in all matters relating to your application for international protection in France:

MALEKIAN Law Firm advises and assists you with any administrative or judicial procedures related to your visa application, residence permit, French nationality, asylum, or your removal from French territory.

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Do you need legal advice or support, either for consulting or for legal proceedings?

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As we are bound by professional secrecy and confidentiality of data, Maître Hajar MALEKIAN’s law firm is committed to protecting the security of its clients’ data. For more information on this subject, please refer to the firm’s privacy policy.

Articles of the MAKEKIAN Law Firm

Reintegration into French Nationality

In the field of immigration law, reintegration into French nationality is an essential step for those who have lost their French nationality and wish to regain it. Reintegration can be achieved through a declaration or by decree. At the law firm MALEKIAN, we understand the complex challenges individuals face in this situation. This article will guide you through the key aspects of reintegration into French nationality, focusing on the conditions, procedures, and possible recourse. Conditions for Reintegration into French Nationality Reintegration into French nationality is subject to certain conditions that vary depending on the circumstances of the loss of nationality.

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Loss of French Nationality: Understanding Causes and Consequences

French nationality is a precious identity that offers various rights and privileges. However, there are situations in which a person may lose their French nationality. This loss can have profound implications on the life of the individual involved. In this article, we will examine the causes and consequences of the loss of French nationality. Causes of Loss of French Nationality The loss of French nationality can occur in certain specific situations. Here is some important information regarding the loss of French nationality: Voluntary renunciation A person can voluntarily renounce their French nationality by fulfilling certain conditions. It is generally necessary

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Appeal against the challenge of the marriage certificate in France

Are you facing a challenge to your marriage certificate in France? Don’t worry, there are remedies available to protect your rights as a foreigner. In this article, we explore the importance of specialized legal assistance, gathering strong evidence, and preparing for legal proceedings. Discover the possible avenues of recourse in case of an unfavorable decision and ensure the validation of your marriage. Learn how to navigate the complex process and secure your rights with essential tips from our dedicated immigration law firm.

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