Special cases of family reunification requests

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Do you reside in France with a valid residency permit and wish to bring your spouse and/or minor child to France? Was your family reunification request rejected? We have already covered the general procedure for family reunification in France. However, depending on the nationality and personal status in France, the process for bringing the family to France will differ. Our law firm, specialized in immigration law, can assist and accompany you in preparing your family reunification request or in appealing the refusal of your family reunification request. In this publication, we address the specific cases of family reunification in France.

Holder of a “talent passport”, “ICT trainee”, or “ICT detached employee” residency permit If you hold a residency permit with the mention “talent passport”, “ICT trainee”, or “ICT detached employee”, “ICT mobile detached employee”, your family (spouse, children) can benefit from the simplified procedure known as “accompanying family”.

Thus, by holding the above-mentioned residency permits, it is no longer necessary to go through the general “family reunification” procedure to be joined by your family in France. The family will apply for a long-stay visa with the French consular authorities in their country of residence. The family will benefit from the same length of stay as the spouse.

The “accompanying family” procedure also applies when the family arrives after the foreign national holding the above-mentioned residency permits or when the latter gets married after entering France. When the spouse is already in France regularly, they will submit their request to the prefecture of the place of residence.

Holder of a “retiree” residency permit The “retiree” residency permit allows its holder to enter France for a maximum period of one year. To be able to request a “retiree” residency permit, certain conditions must be met:

  • Having resided in France with a residence permit or a long-term resident card – EU
  • Having established habitual residence abroad
  • Receiving a retirement pension from a French social security basic scheme.

The “retiree” residency permit does not allow its holder to bring their family to France. However, the spouse who has lived regularly with the holder of this residency permit can obtain a residency permit with the mention “spouse of a retiree”.

Foreigner under the protection of the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA) The refugee, subsidiary protection or stateless person in France can bring their family to France under the following conditions:

  • Family ties (spouse, civil partner, companion, children under 20 years of age) must predate the request for international protection. Family ties must be established.
  • The asylum seeker must have declared their family during their first request for protection.
  • The family of the holder of international protection in France submits a visa application to the French consulate in their place of residence.

The visa application may be rejected when family ties are not established or in case of a threat to public order or the non-respect of the essential principles governing family life in France.

Foreigner without a residency permit The foreigner who does not reside in France regularly cannot bring their family to France. The Malekian law firm can assist and accompany you in preparing your family reunification request or in appealing the refusal of your family reunification request.

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