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Has your asylum application been rejected by the OFPRA and the CNDA? Do you want to make a request for review of your file before the OFPRA?

What is a review of an asylum application in France?

An individual whose asylum application has been rejected by the OFPRA and, if applicable, by the CNDA, will have the opportunity to make a request for review before the OFPRA.

What are the deadlines in a review procedure?

  • The request for review must be submitted to the OFPRA within eight days of registration.
  • If the request is incomplete, the applicant has four days to complete it.
  • The OFPRA will conduct a preliminary examination of the request within eight days of its submission.

What could be the reasons for a request for review before the OFPRA?

A request for review may be successful in several scenarios:

  1. New facts (e.g., personal or professional facts, or recent information on the political or security situation in the country of origin or destination)
  2. New evidence that was not considered in the first asylum application
  3. Change in circumstances: If the political or security situation in the country of origin or destination has changed since the first asylum application, the person concerned may request a review of their application. For example, if the person now faces persecution due to their sexual orientation, they may request a review of their asylum application.

What is the consequence of a request for review on the possibility of removal of the applicant?

The review of the asylum application does not have a suspensive effect on any removal measures that may have been taken against the person concerned. Therefore, it is recommended to request a suspension of the execution of these measures from the prefecture. A request for review does not guarantee automatic obtaining of international protection. Thus, the person may be rejected in their request. It is possible to challenge the refusal of the request before the CNDA. As the review of the asylum application is a complex procedure, it is recommended to benefit from the assistance of a lawyer specialized in immigration law.

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